Empowered To Vote

Welcome to Empowered to Vote

At Empowered to Vote, we are firm believers in the transformative potential of every citizen to influence their destiny through active engagement in democratic practices. Our platform is committed to enabling individuals to assert their voting rights and participate effectively in the electoral process with purpose and significance.

This is a non-partisan platform with forums and initiatives in the US, Africa, Canada, UK and the Caribbean

Empowered To Vote has created revolutionized the way we use pop culture, music, art, and technology to engage young people in politics and build our collaborative efforts.

Our Mission

We advocate for voter education.

Our objective is to advocate for voter education, foster civic engagement, and encourage democratic involvement across various communities. We endeavor to establish an inclusive and easily accessible platform where individuals can familiarize themselves with their rights, stay abreast of political matters, and make well-informed choices when casting their votes.

What We Offer

Voter Education: We provide comprehensive resources and information to help voters understand the electoral process, voter registration requirements, and how to cast their ballots.

Issue Awareness: Stay informed about important political issues, policy proposals, and candidates’ platforms to make informed choices that align with your values and priorities.

Community Engagement: Join a community of engaged citizens who are passionate about making a difference in their communities and advocating for positive change.

Voting Resources: Access practical tools and guides to navigate the voting process, including voter registration forms,

Youth Empowerment: We empower young people to become active participants in democracy by providing resources and opportunities for civic education and leadership development.

Get Involved

Join us in our mission to build a more inclusive and participatory democracy. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Register to Vote: Make sure you’re registered to vote and encourage others to do the same.

Spread the Word: Share our resources and information with your friends, family, and community to help increase voter turnout and engagement.

Volunteer: Join our team of volunteers and help us organize events, distribute voter education materials, and mobilize voters in your area.

Stay Informed: Stay updated on political developments, upcoming elections, and voting rights issues by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media.

How to vote

To cast your vote:

Registration: Ensure you are registered as a voter in your locality. If you’re not registered, visit the nearest voter registration center and complete the registration process.

Verify Voting Details: Confirm your voting details including the date, time, and location of your polling station. This information is typically provided by electoral authorities prior to the election.

Bring Identification: On the day of voting, bring a valid form of identification as required by your country’s electoral laws. This may include a driver’s license, passport, or national ID card.

Go to the Polling Station: Arrive at your designated polling station during the specified voting hours. Queue up and wait for your turn to enter the voting booth.

Cast Your Vote: Once inside the voting booth, follow the instructions provided. Use the ballot paper or electronic voting machine to select your preferred candidates or choices.

Verify Your Selection: Before finalizing your vote, double-check your choices to ensure accuracy.

Submit Your Ballot: Once you are satisfied with your selections, submit your ballot paper or confirm your choices on the electronic voting machine as instructed.

– Obtain Proof of Voting (if applicable): In some cases, you may receive a proof of voting, such as an ink mark on your finger or a stamped card, to prevent multiple voting.
Respect Voting Regulations: Follow all voting regulations and instructions provided by polling officials to ensure a smooth and fair voting process.

Empowered to Vote upholds the belief that each voice holds significance, and collectively, we have the capacity to instigate positive transformation within our communities and extend its ripple effect beyond. We invite you to align with us in our endeavor to forge a fortified, more encompassing democracy that serves every individual equitably.